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About Jonathan Wolff

Jonathan Wolff is an accomplished Director of Photography, Art Director, Photographer, Content Creator, and Editor. He has traveled internationally, shooting documentaries, commercials, dramatic features, and music videos from the West Coast of America to Eastern Asia and everywhere in between. With 20 years of experience, Jonathan has been a grip on a budget, a photographer with a deadline, and a videographer for all. 


With a focus in Art Direction and Photography, his award-winning work has been seen on JVC billboards in Times Square, on streaming services, and in video marketing for Juicy Couture lookbooks, Burberry, Sephora, and Tod’s. Jonathan has also shot sports photography for the New York City Football Club, Rutgers University and has led a variety of marketing campaigns as a Director of Photography and Photographer. 


Often found watching movies when off the clock, Jonathan possesses a passion for film and photography coupled with an unwavering creative drive. Using his diverse technical knowledge and artistic ability, he has lensed multiple award winning feature films, including the documentary “Anytown, USA” and the romantic comedy “Home,” both of which are available on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Video on Demand.


“Roads to Mecca,” the award-winning film about the making of the Imax movie “Journey to Mecca” and Islamic explorer Ibn Batutta, earned global praise. Jonathan's work on "Roads to Mecca" was met with accolades, winning Best Cinematography for Long Form Documentary at the Boston International Film Festival 2010. 


Boasting a successful career in the film and videography industry, Jonathan has worked on a variety of e-commerce campaigns, including digital and print marketing. Give Jonathan a blank canvas and he is able to find a way to create the ideal marketing campaign with minimal equipment and assistance. Frequently demonstrating his leadership abilities and organization, he has spearheaded the production and execution of a variety of photography, video, and multimedia projects. 


Whether working with a model or shooting product photography, everything becomes photogenic when Jonathan jumps behind the camera. In fact, he’s spent extended time shooting product videos with hard deadlines, bringing marketing photography and merchandising to life. 


A graduate of the Hofstra University Film Program where he studied film production and still photography, Jonathan has also taught lighting courses at New York University Tisch School for the Arts and for the United Nations Film Program. Jonathan also spent time as a production supervisor and consultant for Vin Diesel's One Race Global Film Foundation. 


Familiar with what makes a great shot, Jonathan’s ability to bring powerful imagery to set lends itself well to everything from cinematography to marketing and digital media. A man of modern photography and cinematography in a digital age, Jonathan is also a film photographer and believes that film will always have a place in modern photography. 

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