About Jonathan Wolff

Jonathan Wolff is a Content Creator, with a focus in Art Direction, Photography,  as well as being an  accomplished Director of Photography.  He has traveled the world, creating images both still and moving, shooting documentaries, commercials, dramatic features, and music videos in locations throughout Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and North America.


He has worked for such companies as Tod's, Burberry, and  Sephora (to just name a few). Some of his more recent work; a stills advertising campaign can be seen on JVC's billboard in Times Square, NYC.


As a director of photography, Jonathan has lensed award winning feature films, including the documentary “Anytown, USA” and the romantic comedy “Home.”  “Anytown” won The Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. "Home," was an official selection of the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival and Cinequest. Each movie had theatrical releases and is available through Netflix and Blockbuster. His work on “Roads to Mecca,” won Best Cinematography for Long Form Documentary at the Boston International Film Festival 2010, Le Prix Du Public, Most Popular Film, La Geode Film Festival, Paris 2009, Remi Winner 43rd Annual World Fest, and Houston International Film Festival 2010 Winner.


Jonathan is a graduate of the Hofstra University film program where he studied photography in still form and the moving image.  Jonathan has also taught lighting courses at New York University Tisch School for the Arts  and for the United Nations Film Program.